“USA update 2019 – American politics in the age of Trump” by Dr. Markus Hünemörder

On 20 January 2019 it was two years since the businessman and reality TV celebrity Donald Trump took the oath as president leaving millions to wonder if the US, and the world, could survive him. Dr. Markus Hünemörder introduced us to this highly controversial president and explained how this “anti-politician” could actually make his way to the White House.

In his lecture Dr. Hünemörder showed us how much of his radical campaign rhetoric Trump managed to turn into actual policy and how the voters reacted in the 2018 midterm elections.  He gave an overview of the current challenges Trump has to face addressing issues such as the deeply divided American society, the Border Wall and the government shutdown as well as Trump’s economic and foreign policies. Caricatures, satirical videos and ‘The Simpsons’ provided comic relief.

This lecture was truly informative for students and teachers alike with Dr. Hünemörder being again an inspiring and wonderfully entertaining speaker.